Valentine’s Day Treats

eat. Yes please! I’m not someone who is into valentine’s day. My hubby and I give a little gift to the kids because it’s something fun for them to celebrate. BUT, I AM a believer in having special treats for any reason at all😅. Great day at the Village Hive Markham today, lunch with some fantastic peeps and of course a little mini cupcake shoot too! I love all the decor and details that I am surrounded by, but it was so wonderful to see some members that I haven’t crossed paths with in a long while! Looove co-working at the Hive!


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  1. Awesome! It was great to see you! I love the authenticity you bring and how you do photoshoots all around us while we work. Love your passion. It shows not in just working with you but also in the images you have 🙂

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